Second Baby Must Haves




It is crazy the new baby stuff that has come out since I had Kinsley just two years ago! I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite new baby items that I will be using this time around.


This one I am super excited about. I love that it is so portable but also super comfy for baby. With Kinsley I would just have to lay her down on a blanket on the floor. It doesn’t matter how many swings and chairs you have, sometime it’s just too much to carry them from room to room or haul them to family/friends houses. I think this is going to be perfect to take on the go for baby Hattie to nap and play in when we are visiting people. I also hear that they work magic for babies sleep schedule. I can’t wait to see baby Hattie sleeping in her Dockatot! They also have a toddler version which I got for Kinsley. It is going to be great for the crib to bed transition. She really enjoys hanging out in her Dockatot looking at books or during movie time. It is going to be so fun to have both girls in their Dockatots together hanging out!

Binxy Baby

I was worried about how I would do grocery shopping with a toddler and a baby before I found out about Binxy baby. It is like a little baby hammock that you attach to your grocery cart and allows you to put things in the cart under the baby! Because with a toddler in the seat and a baby car seat in the cart, there would be absolutely no room for food! It is completely safe for baby and even comfy. You also have the option to sit the baby car seat in the Binxy and strap it in if you don’t want to take them out. This takes so much stress out of shopping!

Ollie Swaddle

This swaddle is awesome. I had multiple different swaddle blankets with Kinsley. The swaddle blankets that you have to fold and tuck on your own are such a pain, especially during your fourth night time feeding when you’re barely functioning. It causes so much worry and stress having a swaddle blanket that can loosen up and get in babies face, not to mention how dangerous it is. This swaddle is a Velcro swaddle and works at multiple heights on the baby. You can put it as high up as the top of the shoulders or as low as below the arms when baby starts rolling over! The fabric is light weight and moisture wicking which is important because it can also be dangerous for baby to get over heated. I can tell this is going to give me a lot of peace of mind this go around!

Loren Canal Rugs

I can’t tell y’all how many times I found a rug I loved but didn’t buy simply because I knew it would be too hard to keep clean. I was so excited when I found out about Loren Canal washable rugs! They are designed so that you can literally throw them in your washer and dryer!  If that isn’t a serious mom win I don’t know what is. Needless to say I finally got a pretty white rug for Hattie’s nursery without any worries about it getting dirty.  They have so many beautiful rugs for nursery/kids but also for the home. I am definitely going to be going back for more rugs for the rest of our house.

I cant wait to actually try out all of my must haves when Hatties arrives in three short months! I’ll be sure to do a follow up post to update you guys on how I’m liking everything once she does get here!

I received these products as compliments of the brand.

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