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As my second trimester is quickly coming to a close I decided to start preparing for the third trimester now. If you’ve ever been pregnant you know that the second is pretty much perfection. Your morning sickness is ending, you’re feeling all the precious kicks and wiggles, you have your anatomy scan, and you get to find out the gender. Lots of exciting things going on.

Then as you move into the third trimester things start getting tricky again. Not with morning sickness like the first but in other ways. This one is where you start to get a little uncomfortable. At this point baby and your belly are growing so fast- and ok let’s be real, so is everything else. Getting up from the bed or couch starts to become more of a team effort between you and your hubby. Sleeping starts to get a little more difficult. But then there is all the excitement and anticipation because your baby is almost here!!

I can say I’m definitely more prepared this go around. Here are a few things that have helped me tremendously and I know will benefit you as well!


Maternity/Nursing Pajama Set


If you plan on breast feeding nursing pajamas are not even an option, they’re an absolute necessity. Just trust me on this one. The great thing about that is most nursing pajamas double as maternity. I prefer a set that comes with the matching robe. Because when the baby comes, that most likely going to be your mom uniform for the first few days. It’s also a hospital bag must have. You’re going to feel so much better wearing a cute matching PJ set over that large and obnoxious hospital gown. I received this set from Figure 8 Maternity and I’m obsessed. It is ridiculously soft and comfy. There are lots of different sets to choose from, or you can just buy items individually if you would rather do that. They have so many options for everything maternity and nursing clothes and there is usually a coupon or sale going on! Here is the set I’m wearing.

Pregnancy Pillow


I didn’t get one of these the first time around but it’s been life changing for me already. I had serious rib pain at night with my first pregnancy and was always paranoid about rolling on to my back in my sleep. I decided to go with the U shaped pillow. I like that it supports my belly and my back while I sleep so I don’t have to worry about rolling on my back or that rib pain! Here is the one I got for $40 on amazon! It’s amazing.


Young Living Diffuser and Essential Oils

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I have two words for this one. Sleep and Emotions.  I have my diffuser going all night with my sleep blend that I like to use which includes: Lavender, Tangerine, and Cedarwood. Like I mentioned earlier, you’re going to need all the sleep support you can get in those last weeks.

For all the feels I love diffusing Peace and Calming or Bergamont with Orange. These make for happy mamas and happy toddlers and husbands. All around a must for the family!

Then there is stress away. I have a roller top on my Stress Away bottle and roll it on my wrist and neck all day every day!


Belly Butter


If you haven’t started using this yet, now is the time. I started using it as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Kinsley and didn’t get any stretch marks on my belly. What they don’t tell you, however, is that you really need to put it all over, because it will not just be your belly at risk. I learned that one the hard way. So I started right away with this baby as well and so far so good. I’ve actually been using this super moisturizing organic whipped body butter that I made! It takes less than 20 minutes to whip it up and makes about 8oz!



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  1. Mary Leigh

    Great tips!! I got new pajamas and a super comfy robe during my first pregnancy and I can’t wait to get new pajamas this time around also. You are totally right – they are a must!


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