Baby Garcia #2 Gender Reveal



Today was the big day. We finally, after MUCH anticipation, found out what we are having! I can not even begin to tell you how hard it was to wait for what felt like forever to find out. Especially considering we had the ultrasound in our possession for a week. If you know me you know what a huge accomplishment that was. And I’m pretty positive that was the longest lunch of my life waiting for everyone to get done eating so we could pop the balloon.

So after what felt like hours, IT WAS TIME!



Here it goes!


IT’S A GIRL!!!! We were basically all totally shocked. If you read my post on morning sickness, you would know how different this pregnancy was than my last. With that plus the lower heart rate I was 99% convinced it was a boy!

I’m so excited for Kins to have a LITTLE SISTER!! How amazing for her to have her own best friend for life! It’s going to be so much fun to be a girl mama. I’m seriously over the moon!

IMG_8688 IMG_8690

So thankful so another sweet healthy baby girl!


IMG_8698 IMG_8699

Here is the video!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Garcia #2 Gender Reveal

  1. Desirae

    How exciting!! Congratulations!!!


    1. Tiffani Garcia

      Thanks so much!!


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