How I survived Morning (All Day) Sickness


I still can’t believe it. Baby number two is officially on its way! We are so thankful and excited to be welcoming another sweet little blessing and growing our family. Kinsley was the easiest baby and she still is so good and just go with the flow, so we are very curious to see how this new baby will be!

So far my pregnancy has been a lot different that it was with Kinsley.

During the first trimester with her, I was definitely sick, but it was only a few weeks and nothing super intense. For some reason I had it in my head that I wouldn’t get as sick with my next pregnancy. I guess I though since my body has been through it before I would adapt better?

Boy was I wrong. This go around has been quite the opposite. I have been sicker than I ever thought about being with Kinsley.

It started off as a pretty fast progression of nausea and upset stomach, which led to a couple weeks of INTENSE nausea and exhaustion.

I’m not talking, “I ate way too much and now I feel sick nausea”, or “Going around curvy road way to fast” nausea, I’m talking ALL day every day I feel like I could throw up at any given second, try really hard to move as little as possible”nausea.

Basically smelling any food at all made me sick, which made cooking for Chris and Kinsley a little bit challenging. Let’s just say we had some pretty bland and simple meals during those weeks. Poor Chris! He was so helpful and such a trooper though.

 After those few sick as a dog weeks I finally started to gradually feel better.

 Right now I just have to eat every couple hours to avoid getting sick, which compared to a couple weeks ago is a blessing!

I tried lots of different things to help me get through the first trimester alive. These were by far the most helpful

  1. Pretzels- salty foods are where it is at! These were great to have on my night stand and eat right before getting up in the morning.
  2. Cheese its- When you still can’t eat real food but need a change from the pretzels haha
  3. Crushed ice with squeezed lemon- For when you’re suuuper sick but feel like you need something in your stomach. The sour lemon and cold ice really does help a lot!!
  4. Peppermint Oil– This was a life saver for when I was I was out of the house or just needed quick relief until I could get some crackers. It’s been my nausea go too even before pregnancy. I have a bottle in m purse and one in the car at all times. Even just smelling it helps.
  5. Frozen raspberries- Tangy sour cold foods seem to work the best for me so frozen raspberries were so perfect. I’m still snacking on these daily. So good!
  6. Lime Sparkling water- When you feel like you can’t drink water and need some fizz!
  7. Pickles- No explanation needed here, am I right?

These are the things that I helped me survive the past few weeks! Hopefully some of them will work for you too or give you some ideas!

But don’t worry, it gets better, I promise! You’ll be feeling like human again in no time! And it is all so very beyond worth it for that precious baby!

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    This was wonderful !!! So very informative I’m so proud of you !!!


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